Located in the famous global historical and cultural city - Qufu City of Shandong Province, which also is the hometown of Confucius, Focuschem is a high-tech enterprise manufacturing Sodium Hyaluronate.


Shandong Focuschem Biotech Co., Ltd.




East Daxinzhuang Village,Xizou Towm,Qufu City,Shandong Province,China 

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Company Culture

Development strategy:Based on the sodium hyaluronate core product, it will be transformed and upgraded to sodium hyaluronate APIs and downstream medical and beauty industry chains, while steadily increasing the market share of sodium hyaluronate raw material.


Operating philosophy:contribute to the progress and development of human society while pursuing both material and spiritual well-being of all employees.


Mission: For yonger life, for longer life.


Vision: To be the best global operator of sodium hyaluronate series product .


Core values:

 Company level: Customer first priority-Benevolence

                                 Responsibility assumption-Righteouness 


                                 Reform and innovation-Wisdom

                                 Intensive and high efficiency-Credit

  Personal level: self-discipline, self-improvement, gratitude.


Core Competence: Capability of efficient production, customers-focused marketing, continuous research and innovation, team communication and collaboration.