Located in the famous global historical and cultural city - Qufu City of Shandong Province, which also is the hometown of Confucius, Focuschem is a high-tech enterprise manufacturing Sodium Hyaluronate.


Shandong Focuschem Biotech Co., Ltd.




East Daxinzhuang Village,Xizou Towm,Qufu City,Shandong Province,China 

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R&D Team

The R&D center, founded in 2014, is a key development department of the company, and was recognized as the functional polysaccharide engineering lab of Jining City in 2017. It is composed of 6 divisions: new product development, process research, application research, analytical testing laboratory, pilot laboratory and intellectual property. Now the center has possessed various functions such as project start-up and technology decision-making consultation, experimental research, quality inspection, new product development, pilot research, intellectual property protection, etc. The laboratory has developed a project process management system for implementation of standardized management on project start-up, progress, process summary, intermediate adjustment, and conclusion identification. The laboratory now covers an area of 1260 m2. There are more than 120 testing equipment, including 12 precision instruments; such as high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, atomic absorption spectrometer, infrared spectrometer, automatic fermenter system, etc. The original value of fixed asserts, the experimental equipment, is 8.436 million RMB. Now there are 27 fixed scientific research personnel and 3 mobile scientific research personnel, including 7 technical leaders, technical consultants and deputy directors of the laboratory. They all graduated from key colleges and universities such as Shandong University, Jiangnan University and Nanjing University of Technology. The existing experimental conditions can meet the related needs of technical development and quality testing for functional polysaccharide products such as hyaluronic acid.


Since establishment, the R&D center has conducted more than 30 R&D projects, most of which have completed achievement transformation. A total of 26 patents have been applied, including 8 invention patents, 16 utility model patents, and 2 appearance patents. There are 15 authorized patents in total, which constitute the company's intellectual property and core competitiveness.


R & D Team R & D Team R & D Team
R & D Team R & D Team R & D Team
R & D Team R & D Team R & D Team
R & D Team R & D Team