Located in the famous global historical and cultural city - Qufu City of Shandong Province, which also is the hometown of Confucius, Focuschem is a high-tech enterprise manufacturing Sodium Hyaluronate.


Shandong Focuschem Biotech Co., Ltd.




East Daxinzhuang Village,Xizou Towm,Qufu City,Shandong Province,China 

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Innovative Programs

In recent years, the company has successively developed new products like oligo molecular weight sodium hyaluronate, very high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate, pharmaceutical-grade sodium hyaluronate, HA plus, Treme HA and sodium hyaluronate gel. In 2018, the company established a strategic plan of ‘transforming and upgrading to the downstream medical and industrial chain while steadily increasing the market share of sodium hyaluronate.’ The R&D center will continue to innovate according to the plan.