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Hyaoligo Sodium Hyaluranate

Product Name

Hyaoligo Sodium Hyaluranate

Product Description

HyaoligoTM is an ultra-low molecular weight sodium hyaluronate obtained by the bio-enzyme chain breakage technology based on the ordinary sodium hyaluronate. The enzymatic digestion technology has no damage to the product structure, and the HyaoligoTM sodium hyaluronate prepared has advantages like good transdermal absorption, high purity, cytotoxicity free, strong anti-oxidation ability and others.


Product characteristics
Intact Structure of Sodium Hyaluronate Molecular Fragment
Presently the dominant production method of oligomeric sodium hyaluronate is chemical degradation, the violent reaction conditions which can cause structure destruction of some sodium hyaluronate molecules. The structure of the HyaoligoTM sodium hyaluronate, which is obtained by degradation using the enzymatic digestion method, is intact due to mild reaction conditions.
The above infrared spectrum indicates that the hyaoligoTM sodium hyaluronate prepared by the enzymatic digestion method has a spectrum in line with the standard spectrum in the European Pharmacopoeia, while the oligomeric hyalurate obtained by the chemical degeneration has a wave number between 1600 cm-1 and 100 cm-1, which is quite different from the standard spectrum in the European Pharmacopoeia. This result suggests that the structure of the oligomeric hyalurate obtained by the chemical degeneration has been damaged, while that of the HyaoligoTM sodium hyaluronate prepared by the enzymatic digestion is intact.
Low Molecular Weight Facilitates Transdermal Absorption
HyaoligoTM sodium hyaluronate is easier to penetrate into deep skin layers than the ordinary sodium hyaluronate due to that it has a molecular weight lower than 10 kDa and an average size smaller than 25 nm, while the intercellular space is around 40-50 nm.

Product efficacies
Deep moisturizing: HyaoligoTM can be transdermally absorbed and rapidly hydrate with epidermal cells to deeply lock water and hydrate, so as to increase the skin water content.
Nourish skin and repair damaged cells: HyaoligoTM can repair damaged cells and improve cell viability. Promote wound healing. It can be used in skin care products to repair damaged cells, making the skin smooth, moist and elastic.
Scavenge free radicals, anti-oxidation and anti-aging
HyaoligoTM sodium hyaluronate has the ability of scavenging free radicals and reducing capacity; it can scavenge active oxygen free radicals produced by radiation and UV radiation (like DPPH free radicals), reduce the formation of melanin, while exerting the efficacies of sunscreen, whitening and anti-aging.

Product description
Recommended dose: 0.1%-1%
Usage: dispersed in organic solvents such as propylene glycol or glycerin, or dissolved directly in water; avoid simultaneous use with cationic preservatives and cationic surfactants .

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