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Hyrines Hyaluronic Acid Solution
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Hyrines Hyaluronic Acid Solution

Product Name

Hyrines Hyaluronic Acid Solution

Product Description

Specially designed for hair products, the solution is rich in moisturizing ingredients like very high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate, HA PlusTM and oligo sodium hyaluronic acid. Combing the unique effects of three hyaluronic acid series products, it brings stereoscopically moisturized, refreshing and non-sticky skin; can significantly improve the scalp barrier function, moisturize head skin, strengthen hairs, increase hair lush, making it supple, radiant and easy to comb.


Product characteristics:
1. Multiple protection
It contains very high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate, which can form a dense protective film on the hair surface to decrease water loss for long-lasting moisturizing and reduce hair and scalp damages from UV; cationic sodium hyaluronate, which can firmly adsorb on the hair surface and is not easy to be flushed away, thus can provide dual moisturizing and improve the ease of combing and anti-static property, making the hair supple and radiant
2. Improve scalp barrier function
The sodium hyaluronate contained can enhance the hydration and moisturizing capability of the scalp, nourish the scalp, improve the scalp itching and dandruff caused by dryness; the oligo sodium hyaluronate contained can rapidly penetrate in and be transdermally absorbed by the skin for deep hydration, so as to improve the scalp barrier function.

Application scope
Hair care products: shampoo, hair conditioner, hairdressing gel, moistening hair cream, hair mask, etc.
Recommended usage: 1-10%

Product index:



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