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Hyaskin Cosmetic-grade Sodium Hyaluronate

Product Name

Hyaskin Cosmetic-grade Sodium Hyaluronate

Product Description

Sodium hyaluronate, also called hyaluronic acid, is an acidic mucopolysaccharide. It is an important basic substance for skin suppleness and in itself is a component of the human body. With a unique water-locking effect it can retain water 100 times of its own weight, therefore is the best moisturizing substance found in the nature, being regarded as an ideal natural Moisturizing factor. It can improve skin nutrient metabolism, bring soft, smooth, wrinkle-free skin while increasing elasticity and preventing aging - an excellent moisturizer as well as a good transdermal absorption enhancer. It can play a better role in nutrient absorption when used with other nutritional ingredients.


Sodium hyaluronate is a biochemical drug with a high clinical value and is widely used in various ophthalmic operations such as crystal implantation, corneal transplantation and anti-glaucoma surgery. It is also useful in treatment of arthritis and accelerating wound healing. When used in cosmetics, it plays a unique role in skin protection and can keep the skin moist and smooth, delicate and tender, elastic, with efficacies of wrinkle-preventing, anti-wrinkle, beauty care and restoring physiological functions of the skin.

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