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Hyaoligo Oligo Sodium Hyaluranate

Product Name

Hyaoligo Oligo Sodium Hyaluranate

Product Description

HyaoligoTM is a hyaluronic acid molecular fragment prepared by the degradation of hyaluronic acid with an ultra-low molecular weight (<10000 Da). It can rapidly penetrate below the stratum corneum and provide long-lasting moisturizing effect for the skin. Recently, it has increasingly attracted attention. After years of research and development, our company has made revolutionary innovation to the production process of the ultra-low molecular weight sodium hyaluronate, with which the produced ultra-low molecular weight sodium hyaluronate has a molecular weight of <10,000da and can be transdermally absorbed to deeply care for the skin. This sodium hyaluronate has multiple effects like moisturizing, repair, increasing skin elasticity and many others.

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